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Expert Summit on Electricity Market Design 2030-2050

Ensuring a sustainable and reliable future electricity system 

The event

The transition to a zero-carbon energy system will heavily rely on the fast expansion of renewable energies. This translates to an increasing share of variable electricity supply. Demand flexibility is a promising means to tackle such variability. However, a changing supply side and an increasingly active demand side call for a new, future-proof electricity market design that embraces growing shares of renewable energies on a reliable basis. With this in mind, we want to discuss relevant aspects for an implementable future electricity market design together with international experts and specifically work on the question of how to fast make a sustainable and reliable future electricity system become reality. The event will consist of multiple keynotes and a panel discussion embedded in a setting ideal for bilateral exchange between keynotes.


4th of July – Check-in
(dinner starts at 6 pm)
5th of July – Summit with joint dinner 
6th of July – Check-out


Schloss Hohenkammer
85411 Hohenkammer;
Schloßstraße 18-25; Germany
(within 25 min from Munich Airport)

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General information about SynErgie

Within the Kopernikus-Project SynErgie, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has been funding around 90 partners from science, industry, and civil society with up to €100 million since 2016. SynErgie is one of four Kopernikus-Projects for the energy transition to enable a climate-neutral Germany. In SynErgie, cross-industry research and demonstrations are carried out on how energy-intensive production processes and cross-sectional technologies can adapt to an increasingly volatile electricity supply. Together with the energy-intensive industry, we work on increasing electricity demand when electricity supply is “green” and cheap. In this way, industry can save fossil fuels, reduce energy costs, and contribute to achieving climate goals on a reliable basis. In this vein, SynErgie-Cluster IV intensively works on the future electricity market design to enable the use of energy flexibility in a best possible way.